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Used Car Warranties

Do You Need A Used Car Warranty?

When you are shopping for a used car it can be a stressful experience. Test driving multiple types of vehicles and figuring out what you want can be a major process. Making sure that the vehicle is reliable is a must, especially if you are transporting friends and family. Being able to have the peace of mind of an extended warranty can help to make the car buying experience a little less stressful. It can be helpful to know that if a breakdown or other mechanical issue arises, you will not have to reach into your pocket to get it fixed. Be sure to understand what the extended warranty covers, and how long it is good for before you commit to your purchase.

What the Other Guys Offer

Most used car dealerships offer a standard extended warranty that is limited to powertrain. It will usually cover the car until you reach 3 months or 4,000 miles after purchasing the car, whichever comes first. For people who have a longer commute to work, or use their car for business purposes, that 4,000 miles will come and go fairly quickly. The keyword here is powertrain which means many things will not be covered by the extended warranty offered by most used car dealerships. You must understand all of the inclusions and exclusions with any kind of warranty offered on your new-to-you vehicle.

Used Car Warranties: What We Offer

Here at Nevin's Automotive Sales, we believe that our customers should be provided with a safe and reliable vehicle and believe strongly that our vehicles are top of the line. That is why we offer an amazing extended warranty on most of our used cars. We work with ProGuard which is a warranty company that stands by their product and honors what they say. They have been in the automotive industry for over 70 years and are a family-owned company, just like us. They have a vast array of extended warranties available, and when you purchase a vehicle from us you will get the ProGuard 2 or the ProGuard 3.

The ProGuard 3 Extended Warranty

On almost all of our vehicles, we offer the ProGuard 2 or ProGuard 3 extended warranty for one year or 15,000 miles which is more than 3 times what other used car dealers offer. Included with this warranty is your powertrain to include the engine, transmission, and any supercharger or turbo components. You also get roadside assistance which is an invaluable benefit should you break down or get in an accident. Even better it includes battery service, flat tire assistance, and help to get into your vehicle should you lock yourself out. Rental car reimbursement is also an added benefit to this warranty. Some other components that are included in the ProGuard 3 extended warranty include:

  • Replacing fluid should the component fail, such as windshield washer fluid
  • Transfer case of four and all-wheel drive vehicles
  • Seals and gaskets to include intake manifold and cylinder heads
  • Anti-lock brake system
  • Electrical components such as power doors, power window motors and regulators, power seat motors, etc.
  • Air conditioner components to include compressor, accumulator, clutch, and condenser
  • Radiator, fuel pump, alternator
  • Steering and suspension components such as power steering pump, rack and pinion, wheel bearings, ball joints, etc.
Labor and diagnostic charges

While the ProGuard warranty is very comprehensive, you must read your warranty so you understand what is included and what is not. There could be certain components that are not covered by the warranty and you must understand what they are.

Nevin's Automotive Sales understand the need to feel safe and secure driving your vehicle, while not being afraid that you will have to spend a ton of money should something go wrong with your vehicle. We include this extended warranty because we know you deserve a reliable vehicle and if something does happen, we want you back on the road in a safe car as soon as possible. You do have the option to increase the 1-year/15,000 mile warranty to 3 years/40,000 miles for even more peace of mind.

Pro-Guard warranty not available for purchases made using Credit Acceptance (CAC). CAC purchases fall under the Superior Protection Plan. Contact us for additional details on this warranty.


At Nevin’s Automotive Sales, we believe that our customers should be provided with a safe and reliable vehicle and believe strongly that our vehicles are top of the line. That is why we offer an amazing extended warranty on most of our used cars. A solid warranty from a dependable company is the best way to protect your investment.

MILEAGE 15,000 miles 4,000 miles
LENGTH 1 year 3 months

*Certain conditions apply for inclusion of 1-year warranty. See sales associate for details

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