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Buying a used car can be a fun and exciting experience for Hanover, PA residents. But it is an experience with many options. So after you shop around and then finally choose a used car or truck, you are asked about an extended warranty. Here are three great reasons to buy an extended warranty for your car?

Your Budget Stays Happy

A warranty covers certain types of wear and repairs. If repairs are needed without a warranty, where does the money come from? It comes out of your budget and income. Most people don’t have enough money saved to comfortably cover repairs. This is where a warranty comes in and keeps your budget happy. The warranty would cover these repairs so that it doesn’t take away from your other necessities.

You Have More Peace Of Mind

When you don’t have to worry, you feel better and happier. When buying a used car, the car is thoroughly looked over and anything is fixed if needed. However, there is still no guarantee about how previous owners have treated the vehicle. This can cause stress on you if your vehicle needs repairs. When the extended warranty picks up these costs, you don’t have to stress!

You Keep Your Car Longer

When you find a car you really like, you don’t want to get rid of it and you don’t want something to happen that causes you to have to get a new car before you’re ready. Having a warranty allows you to have more control over choosing when you get a new car instead of being in a position where you can’t repair the car and need a replacement.

You never know when or if your car is going to need repairs and you hope it never does. But having an extended warranty on a used vehicle helps to cover repairs needed that you couldn’t plan for in advance. Nevin’s Automotive Sales offers extended warranties to every customer. Stop by our Hanover, PA used car location to take a test drive and learn more about our warranties.

There are many benefits to buying a used car. Regardless of your reasons though, after finding one you like and checking it over, there are some questions you should ask so you know what you are getting before you buy the used car or truck.

Do you have a CARFAX report?

CARFAX is a company that provides reports on used vehicles and includes information such as significant accidents, prior ownership, mileage, and title information.

What type of title does this vehicle have?

When you are in the market for a used vehicle, it is important to ask about the title status. You want to be sure you buy a car or truck with a clean title. Avoid salvage titles or reconstructed titles also known as R titles.

Salvage titles mean the car was involved in an accident and was deemed a total loss. Afterward the insurance company sold the vehicle to a licensed body shop to rebuild. These vehicles cannot be driven on public roads. Reconstructed titles describe vehicles that were rebuilt after a total loss and then underwent and passed an inspection stating they are safe to drive on the road.

Where did you get the car?

Used car lots get vehicles either through trade ins or at used car auctions. If they got it at auction, they weren’t able to talk to the previous owner - which is okay. This is an additional reason why the CARFAX report is so important when buying a used vehicle.

What are the options for financing?

Ready to buy but not sure if financing will work out? Check out what options they offer. Often times, used car dealers have strong relationships with local banks and credit unions in addition to having options for no credit and bad credit customers.

What type of inspection did this car undergo?

When used car dealerships purchase cars and trucks from local auctions, they know some details on the history and condition of the vehicle, but not everything Any used vehicle bought through an auction should go through a three-step inspection process.

When a dealership buys a car, they can opt to have a detailed inspection completed by the auction house at an additional cost before finalizing the purchase.

Once the dealer takes the car or truck, they should also have an additional inspection completed by a mechanic they trust. At Nevin’s Automotive Sales, we use a third-party mechanic that gets paid to find what is wrong. So there is no conflict of interest during the inspection and you can be sure the used car is safe for you to drive off the lot.

If anything is significantly wrong with the used vehicle, we return it to the auction so we can continue to deliver only quality vehicles to our customers.

Are there any current recalls on the car, truck, or SUV?

These days, recalls are common no matter what manufacturer you research. When you buy a used car or truck, it makes sense to ask if there are any known recalls on the car. You can also research potential recalls online using this website:

If there is a recall, you can expect to receive a letter in the mail explaining the steps to take to get the recall taken care of at a local dealership’s service center.

What Financing Options are Available?

Nevin’s Automotive Sales, LLC is a one-stop shop for your used car and truck buying needs in Hanover PA. We always have excellent inventory, superb customer service, and can help you understand your available financing options.

Nevin’s is here for you from start to finish. Once you have picked the car, truck, or SUV that you want we suggest payment and financing options through local and reputable financial institutions.

Less Headache

Nevin’s Automotive Sales, LLC has great relationships with local banks and credit unions including Patriot Federal, Members 1st, Heritage Valley, Belco Community Credit Union and BB&T. This allows us to tell your story, as opposed to everything being black and white should you apply on your own. We understand that sometimes circumstances beyond your control could have had a negative impact on your credit history. We are here to help and fight on your behalf with the lenders. We are your advocate!

More Options for Credit

We work with Credit Acceptance Corporation to make it easier for those with less than desirable or no credit. While you may still end up with a higher interest rate, your chance of getting approved with a bank or credit union that we have an established relationship with increases significantly. This option will even help you build your credit rather quickly, provided you make all of your payments on time.

Additional Options

In addition to financing with a local bank or credit union we accept cash or a cashier’s check.

Are you looking to buy a used car in Hanover, PA? Give us a call or stop in for a test drive today.

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